Academic Projects

Minipaint Photo
Minipaint - Spring 2020

Mini application that allows users to simultaneously paint on a single canvas. Through this project, myself, and a team of three others, had the chance to explore the SFML library to set up and connect the server and clients, and the Nuklear library to build a user-friendly interface. You can see a walkthrough of the application being used in the YouTube link below.
Links: App Walkthrough
Technologies Used: C++

Transrelate Photo
Transrelate - Fall 2019

Web application that works to reduce language barriers. Using the Google Translate API, myself and group of three other students developed this chat application that translates messages sent over the network to the language you chose for your profile. A walkthrough of the application as well as a link to the official website is provided below.
Links: Website
Technologies Used: Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React, Redux, PostgreSQL

Homeful Photo
Homeful - Fall 2019

A web application that tracks the occupancy of Homeless Shelters in the Greater Boston Area. With the app, individuals can reserve a stay at one of the shelters, and in doing so, our database is automatically adjusted the new number of available spaces at that shelter is shown on the front-end of the website. Our goal with this project was reduce overcrowding and long lines at shelters in the Boston area.
Links: Website
Technologies Used: MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript


Philips Lifeline - Cares Launch Spring 2019

As a member of the Philips Lifeline team in spring 2019, I had the chance to work on the rebranding of our website for the launch of our new application called Philips Cares. My contribution to this project included building the Cares branded webpages you see to the left and managing the assets associated with each page using Adobe Experience Manager. Doing so gave me experience working in the production, development, and test environments, as well as the movement of code between these environments.
Technologies Used: Adobe Experience Manager


“Kevin is an enterprising person whose positive attitude is contagious. I am confident that he will bring his drive, reliability and strong work ethic to all future roles.”
–Meagan Duffy, Former Supervisor
“It has been a real pleasure to have worked with Kevin. He has been the consummate professional. Any business will be very lucky to have [him].”
–Michelle Newcomb, Former Supervisor
NATAS Boston/New England 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Direct Post Production
NATAS Boston/New England 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding PSA
NATAS Boston/New England 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Director
Film/Video 2014 Bronze Telly Award for Editing
Film/Video 2014 Silver Telly Award for Videography/Cinematography
Film/Video 2014 Silver Telly Award for Social Responsibility

Other Media

National Children’s Alliance PSA

A public service announcement I wrote, directed, and edited under the supervision of Peter Connors to remind teaching professionals that it is their duty to report cases that are disclosed to them.